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3.Givenchy Beauty — Poudre Première


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Korean Fashion Trend —Get Ready for the Summer

I am a big fan of Korean Fashion. Yes, I have mentioned about it in the previous post before.

Summer is coming on the way, if you like the Korean style, you can definitely find the idea you want here.

In recent years, Korean hairstyles swept, translucent bangs became hot, soft air Liu Haiji abandoned the sense of messiness, and modified face, let you look fresh and natural. The air is thin, slightly bangs… so I cut my hair like this, I mean the bang only, because my hair is too short…American do not really like to have a bang or the bang like this, the girls here like more mature look.


Then for the makeup part, they prefer the light, fresh and a little bit sweet look.  And the popular and useful product is the air cushion bb cream This item can work very well in summer


      kliner_pict_1         pony_spring_fling_thumb

And the outfit looking:

SFSELFAA0038003_0_us_01_00_0249355 SFSELFAA0036605_0_us_03_00_0075029 SFSELFAA0036156_0_us_03_00_0077076150507_ej5_06


Ready to have the summer in the lovely and trendy Korean style!

See Yo on Monday— I don’t want to talk Rihanna. I talk about Met Gala 2015

Met Gala 2015: “China, through the looking glass.” It is a hit topic these days. Everyone (I mean not only the fashion field people, not only fashion blogger) is talking about it. The most big topic is the “whole chess pizza dress” of Rihanna. But as a Chinese, I want to say, I love the golden cloak. It can remind me of the most powerful and wealthiest dynasty Chinese used to have. If Rihanna is walking on the place in China, not on the red carpet, and then everything will be just right and  perfect. Ok, I said no Rihanna here.

The theme is to find your Chinese look for these celebrities, so why not see what the native Chinese dress like?

Such as: Gong Li.

Featured image   Featured image   Featured image

Clean and straight backwards Flaxen Hair, match with the Green Emerald-pearl earrings with the Blue tassel. Pierced lace Cheongsam neck and sleeves. On her back, the dress was embroidered with dark red Chrysanthemums and traditional Chinese Fold Fan. The dark red velvet tight Cheongsam, completely sketched out the curves of female. The longish bottom of the Cheongsam increases the dignity feeling. All the colors she chose all have the meaning of Wealth and Royalty.

Gong Li as the Oriental Beauty Muse in China, she has a perfect oriental face. Slender eyebrows and Danfeng eyes. Perfect Chinese face with the most representative Chinese garment – Cheongsam, Gong Li should have win the best look for the Met Gala 2015. Keep Simply but most meaningful. It’s perfect!

Chinese First Lady& American First Lady Fashion Style

When the lady became as the First Lady of a country, people will always care about everything about them, including how they dress like. Fortunately our First ladies of China and America, Peng Liyuan and Michelle Obama, they are all have a good aesthetic on Fashion. And they are even became the Fashion Icon for the upper class ladies imitative objects. They created their own fashion trend somehow.

Peng Liyuan, wife of the new Chinese president Xi Jinping, has become a surprise style sensation with her native fashion bloggers and style. And at the same time, First Ladies are ambassadors of the culture and the design and of the soft power of a country. Peng always chose to wear Chinese and take up that role of spokesperson for Chinese design as well.

“An elegant, dignified style which highlights her graceful manner,” one admirer wrote on a website to describe our Chinese First Lady.

“It’s the first time that China’s first lady appears like a modern woman. I think she dressed very well, with taste and confidence,” said Zhang Yu, editor of China’s Vogue magazine. “After so many years, we finally have a first lady who can represent us so appropriately. I think it is a landmark event.”

What’s more, right now the online retails have sought to associate their products with what news portals are terming the “Peng Liyuan style,” with searches for those key words resulting in lists of handbags and trench coats, many of which did not even resemble the items she wore. It attract lots of customers for them.

Even for my aunt, who has the similar age as Peng. She and her friend’s fashion topic is always around by Peng’s style, the bag she carries and the shoes she bought. This First Lady is definitely a fashion icon for the ladies in China.


Same situation for the American First Lady Michelle Obama.

“Michelle Obama truly is the First Lady of Fashion. The gorgeous, statuesque Obama is a mix-and-match master with a soft spot for Thakoon and Jason Wu. In terms of heightened fashion-biz buzz, the First Lady is well on her way to leaving a stylish legacy on par with those other White House arbiters, Jacqueline Kennedy and Nancy Reagan. Vote for the look you like best.  — By Harper’s Bazaar Staff” When I research the key words about Michelle Obama and fashion, it came out.

And there is also a website link can see the photos, videos and breaking news about Michelle Obama.

It’s obviously that Michelle Obama also has lots of follower as well.

24E3D3AD00000578-2919340-Lady_in_red_Michelle_Obama_has_frequently_worn_Kors_s_designs_in-a-6_1421832360904     5

Well, We got two lovely and fashionable First Ladies.

Muse: Dee Hsu, Taiwan Host

In Taiwan, there is a variety-comedy talk show hosted by variety show veterans Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai called Kangxi is Coming.

Today’s main character in this post is Dee Hsu, She is not only a host, but also actress and singer in Taiwan. She is absolutely fashion muse, even though she is a mother of three children already. She is pretty strict with her body care, the weight, the shape, and all the details.

Featured image

She has once said that: “Fatty girl has no right to eat, until you lose your weight.”

* Asian girls have a different opinion about the girls body requirement. In China, girls are expect to have a slim or slender and tall figure. But no one would dare to say this in front of all the audience.

She is not only inspiring me about the fashion, much more, she teaches me the attitude that a quality girl should have toward to life. Because I believe fashion is not only about the fancy clothes or bags, it is more about the understand and attitude to the fashion. To be a fashion one, and to be the unique one.

I shared these two video here. And you can see find out why I loved her so much. You can find the attitude she has for herself and to her life.

BEAUTY BASIC / Skin Care : Evening Routine

Michelle Phan is my favorite beauty vlogger. I super like to watching her video and post on her vlog.

This one is sharing her method about how to take care of the skin. Skin care is the most important thing for everyone to get a nice look. Makeup can improve and to create a nice shining look for us, but the skin care is more important. Since that’s our real skin and if we do not take care of it, it will definitely show on our face. These three weeks, I have a really stressful school final week, so my face is turn to yellow and black at the T- section, even I makeup, it still will show a little bit. So what to solve this problem is to really take care about the skin problem.

This video is so helpful, and introduce lots of effective products and also the way to use.

1. Cleanse — clean the face to make sure can absorb all the good products putting on.

  • Cleansing Oil
  • Makeup Remover

2. Treat

  • Clean Mask
  • Honey Mask
  • Skin Mask

3. Tone —doesn’t have lots of alcohol

  • Toner
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

4. Nourish

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Retinoid Cream

5. Hydrate

  • Moisturizer

Find the one suit for you, and have a nice rest every night! And the last tip is drink lots of water, it does effect inside!

Why Louis Vuitton are so Expensive

Since I was young, when I still in the junior high school. I met the first Louis Vuitton bag that my dad bought for my mom as a gift. When I started to know this brand, the concept in my head is: a bag with logo pattern and the brown color is so expensive. Due to the first impress, I just like everyone else, and have no doubt about why this brand is so expensive.

Until I grew up, and have my own LV bags, and I really feel the quality and the design is super. Since yesterday, I said I want to buy a new LV bag, and my boyfriend ask me :” Why? why you want to buy this bag, is it expensive? ” I answered I like the design. But still why? I am also curious about it, and it must have some deeper reason for this brand. So I found a blogger has also talked about this topic.

1. The bag has a 200 years long history, it has been fully able to withstand the test of time. —classic

2. Louis Vuitton handbags are respected and referred to as synonymous with top quality and also craft.   — luxury, royalty

3.All genuine Vuitton handbags are handmade. — artistic, luxury

4. Handbags from this designer are waterproof and fireproof. Canvas is used for waterproofing and PVC is accustomed to fireproof the bags.  —high quality

5. Vuitton bags are timeless. In case you have a bag that is of significant age, it could possibly be worth far more now than the original price. —high value

That could make sense, everything is reasonable now. we are buying the bag worth for its price, it’s named Louis Vuitton.